Financial Planning

IIncome Taxes

Need help with your taxes? Check out Community Financial Counselling Services. They provide free tax returns for persons with inclome under $30 000, or family income under $35 000. Call (204) 989-1900 for more information.


Financial Planning

  • Take control of your financial situation and learn how to manage your finances.

  • Read tips on developing wise spending habits.

  • Get informed about important banking issues.

  • Learn how insurance can protect you during unfortunate life events.

  • Find useful advice on making good credit decisions. From getting a mortgage to checking your credit history, everything is there!

  • Get guidance on dealing with your credit cards. This section will help you get a credit card and know how to manage it.

  • Develop a budget for your monthly expenses.  Whether you own the home, or rent, there are things that you should budget for on a monthly basis. Click here for a monthly budget tool.