Employment Links

There are several websites that post employment and career opportunities for Winnipeg. We don't want to duplicate their efforts, so please visit their websites! At the bottom, you'll find some information on a great youth employment opportunity for post-secondary students.

  • Manitoba Government Job Opportunities
    • The Province of Manitoba is the top employer in Manitoba.  They provide employment opportunities in Winnipeg, and communities across the province.
  • Government of Canada Jobs and Job Bank
    • Governemnt of Canada also provides many opportunites for Canadians to fnd employment. They also provide a Job bank to list other openings in the public and private sector.
  • Government of Manitoba - Steady Growth Job Training Activities
    • With economic growth comes higher demand for skilled workers and entrepreneurial energy to keep our province moving forward. A good combination of education and skills training will help you build a career you will enjoy, one that will help you live the life you imagine for yourself.  Right here in Manitoba, there are countless opportunities to help you expand your mind, develop your skills, enter or advance your career, or train for a new one. The resources on this website will help you identify your strengths, locate the training you need and connect you with job opportunities so you can build your future here at home.
  • City of Winnipeg
    • The City of Winnipeg lists all careers and opportunities on their website.  The City employs many types of workers, from pool supervisors, 311 staff, entimologists, water and waste technicians, HR and IT, just to name a few. They have one of the most competitive benefits and pension packages in Manitoba.
  • Job Seekers (Province of Manitoba)
    • Financial Assistance while attending post-secondary institutions, or while working on your apprenticeship
    • Labour market Information
    • Job preparation & skills upgrading
    • Volunteerism
    • Youth Employment
      Starting your own business
    • Teaching opportunities
    • There are three job preparation programs for newcomers to Manitoba
    • Visit immigratemanitoba.com to learn more about the above programs
  • Federal Student Work Exchange Program (FSWEP)
    • FSWEP provides full-time students valuable, hands-on work experience related to their field of study and allows for a wealth of learning opportunities. Students obtain fair and equal access to job opportunities across the country. Although students are not required to have previous work experience to apply, they must meet the program’s eligibility criteria.
    • There are many types of exciting and challenging jobs being offered to both secondary and post-secondary students. These opportunities encompass a wide range of duties and responsibilities as they relate directly and indirectly to providing service to all Canadians. This full spectrum includes office and clerical work, field and lab work, information technology work and working outdoors.