Cultural Foods Workshop stirs up bison stew

August 8, 2014

A group of North End residents have been participating in the Cultural Foods Workshop, a program with the University of Manitoba and North End Food Security Network.  The group particpates in activites that celebrate traditional food gathering, planting, hunting/fishing and harvesting. They then learn about the history of the foods, how to prepare them in recipes, try alternative methods to these traditional recipes, and talk about their experiences with all the ingredients.

This week, we learned about Bison, its contribution to the lives of First Nations People, and the over-hunting of bison by the Europeans.  It was stories of the past that were told while we chopped fresh produce and stirred up a pot of steaming hot bison stew. The stories not only about bison, but the other ingredients like tomatoes and root vegetables, that helped everyone understand the importance of these ingredients to the people of our past. It also provided everyone with a way to connect to these past people, and nurture the ingredients in recipes of today.  Check out the gallery below!



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