12 Safety Tips when you are Walking or Jogging

April 20, 2014

Crime Prevention Tip
(Winnipeg Police E-Watch from April 20, 2014)


1)Tell a family member or friend where you are going and the time you expect to be back.
2) Stay alert at all times. The more aware you are, the less vulnerable you are.
3) Run or walk with a partner.
4) Don’t wear headsets. If you wear them you won’t hear an approaching car or attacker. Listen to your surroundings.
5) Exercise in familiar areas. Know where businesses or stores are and which ones are open.
6) Vary your route.
7) Avoid unpopulated areas, deserted streets. Especially avoid poorly lighted areas at night.
8) Ignore verbal harassment. Use discretion in acknowledging strangers. Look directly at strangers and be observant, but keep your distance and keep moving.
10) Walk or run against traffic so you can observe approaching automobiles.
11) If you think you are being followed, change direction and head for open stores or a Lighted house. Call 911 on your cell phone.
12) Call police immediately if something happens to you or someone else, or you notice anything out of the ordinary.
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